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Années 1960 - 1970

Publication : 28/10/1960 | Réf. 171
Publication : 28/10/1960 | Réf. 172

Sweeping off the banked circuit, and taking to the road circuit - the Clark-Maggs Aston Martin leads one of the eleven Ferraris, driven by Cacchiari and Sala.

Publication : 28/10/1960 | Réf. 173

A cluster of cars takes one of the corners on the road circuit : (front to rear), the two Aston Martins, driven by Salvadori and Maggs, the Masson-Jaeger DB Panhard (which later crashed), and the Vidilles-Bouharde DB, which won its class.

Publication : 28/10/1960 | Réf. 174

Much of the race was enlivened by the battle for the lead between the Gendebien-Bianchi Ferrari (N°3, the eventual winner) and the Mairesse-von Trips Ferrari (which finished second).

Publication : 28/10/1960 | Réf. 175

Innes Ireland, in one of John Ogier's two DB4 GT Aston Martins, on the way to taking sixth place behind five Ferraris.

Publication : 28/10/1960 | Réf. 176

British cars at speed on the banking - the Lotus Elite driven by Carnegie and Mall, and the AC-Bristol driven by Porthault and Marbacque. Both the single Lotus entry, and the three AC-Bristols, finished the 1,000 km race.

Publication : 27/05/1960 | Réf. 177
Publication : 27/05/1960 | Réf. 178

"… there was Paul Frère, tapping the inside kerb with his flag-stick, and pointing at the white line…"

Publication : 27/05/1960 | Réf. 179

Every now and again, Willy Daetwyler would go off in his Pinin Farina 250 GT Ferrari, and show his chicks how it should be done. Anyone should be able to do it properly in a Ferrari !

Publication : 27/05/1960 | Réf. 180

"Can't see any budding Fangios among my lot. What about yours, Paul ?" Frère and Daetwyler study their pupils at work.

Publication : 27/05/1960 | Réf. 181

Towards the end the boys were getting the flavour, and beginning to look like quite the real thing.

Publication : 27/05/1960 | Réf. 182

Chris Threlfall

Publication : 04/11/1960 | Réf. 433
Publication : 04/11/1960 | Réf. 434

Resounding victory for John Aley, who drove his Mini-Car in fine style to win from Jean Vinatier's works Renault Gordini. John and Jean Aley look very pleased with their success.

Publication : 16/09/1966 | Réf. 435
Publication : 16/09/1966 | Réf. 436

Jack Brabham on his way to victory in the F2 Brabham-Honda.

Publication : 16/09/1966 | Réf. 437

Graham Hill gets on plenty of opposite lock wih the John Coombs-entered Matra after a pit stop to remove the cover from his overheating BRM engine.

Publication : 18/10/1968 | Réf. 438
Publication : 18/10/1968 | Réf. 439

The Porsche 908 of Hans Herrmann/Rolf Stommelen on its way to victory. The 908s showed impressive reliability, although they were never really pressed after Piper's Ferrari had retired.

Publication : 18/10/1968 | Réf. 440

The Grandsire/Guichet Alpine-Renault, which was the spearhead of the French challenge after the Matra V12 retired. It finished fourth, despite brushing the straw bales on several occasions.